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My Attraction Count: TBD

Because we live in IL we are members of ACE Western Great Lakes

Home park:  Six Flags St. Louis in Missouri [SFSL]

Since I didn't tracked till this year I had to figure out how to draw the line so here are my rules:

  • Pre-2020 count rides count as 1 so I track defunct rides even thought I don't have a count
  • Count everything, not just coasters
  • Don't skip attractions just to hit a 'credit'
  • Document as many of the parks and activities our family does at
I loved going to different parks throught high-school and I got to ride attractions in parks that are now defunct or sold. I'm sure I have been on thousands of rides and some I really miss like Volcano or Dueling Dragons. Now I get to relive that excitement with my kids that are getting into parks.

Oh.. and I'm starting to help my daughter track I had to figure it how I would.