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Don't let perfection get in the way of progress

Lets face it. I'm doing a ton, but yet I'm lazy. How is that?
I pretty much live by the Pareto principle (80–20 rule). So my goal is to get roughly 80% of the effects from 20% of the work. I started at a Fortune 100 company in 1999 while working on my Masters. Not long after I was teaching Group Fitness at a Gym and starting a family. That's when the challenges of balancing life hit me hard, as you might imagine.

I started Podcasting and creating courses after helping start an employee group pertaining to Health and Fitness. After speaking and getting speakers for multiple Lunch @ Learns and seeing how many more people watched and participated afterwards, I wanted to extend the content. Now I try to share my struggles, disclose what I'm working on, and record when I'm talking. I'm always learning, so I try to partner whenever I can so I can maximize what I'm learning.

It took me two years to embed Primal into my life, and I'm still not done learning. …