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What's Podcasting

Simply put, a Podcast is like talk radio.
Difference is it's on-demand when you want - where you want it via the internet. I love the idea of having types of learning sessions and interviews available for others to hear at any time. It's like if you could teach someone to fish, but it could be played again and again for others to learn how to fish...
Podcast's I'm Listening Too
I have a little site called where I teach others to podcast quickly, step-by-step, and a media company called Small Actionable Habits that's nothing more than a loosely-organized landing page for any podcasts in the areas of Health - Fitness - Mindfulness. Some I've produced, and for others, I've found someone knowledgeable to talk about the subject.  I'm also a Production Assistant on the Daily Tech News Show so I can learn the ropes.